The Cellar

Work is carried out step by step following the whole process, from the vineyard to the winemaking in the cellar, until the bottling of the wine, because we believe that each process is fundamental in order to obtain the high quality wines which we are so proud of. We are very much aware that our wines are alive and can speak about us to many admirers..

As in the vineyard, also in the cellar we carefully follow the grapes in the winemaking process, applying the concept of organic production while using the most advanced technology during the entire productive cycle.

Our cellar is modern and well equipped with a welcoming corner for tasting and a small shop within, where it is possible to sample and buy all of our products.

At full capacity the cellar holds 1,500 hectoliters which comprises a winemaking department where our wine is held either in steel vats or in oak barrels for aging and a warehouse for bottled wines.


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